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What is Lab Made Jewelry?


What is lab made jewelry?

Lab made jewelry is basically quality jewelry made to look like expensive real diamond/gold/platinum jewelry for a fraction of the price. Our lab made jewelry is made with the same production methods and jewelry machinery used on jewelry that you would see in a high-end jewelry store. It would be very hard to tell the difference between our high-quality lab made jewelry and real diamond jewelry without using special jewelry testing equipment.

Why buy lab made jewelry?

When you wear jewelry, you are wearing it as an accessory to express yourself or enhance an outfit. The point of jewelry is to enhance your look and you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy diamonds for that touch of sparkle. In fact, there are popular rap artist and other celebrities that wear simulated gold and diamond jewelry but the average person would never know if they did not tell you it was not real.

How is www.LabMadeJewelry.com different from other sites?

Unlike other sites, www.LabMadeJewelry.com is the ONLY Hip Hop jewelry website that offers clear-coat protection as a standard on 99% of our jewelry. This means our Hip Hop jewelry is fade/tarnish/scratch resistant from friction and skin contact. If you have purchased jewelry from other websites, you have probably have experienced low quality jewelry that has tarnished or faded within a couple of weeks of wear. Our clear-coat protection is done exclusively by us and it is a permanent coating much like the clear-coating applied over a vehicles paint job to protect the finish. We can confidentally state that our clear-coat protected lab made jewelry will outlast any other websites' jewelry.

Another reason we are different from other sites is that we do not clutter our pages with jewelry that looks like it has came from a bubble gum machine or flea market. If the jewelry is not up to our standards, we will not post the jewelry on our site for sale. Our staff wears lab made jewelry on a daily basis so we know first-hand what kind of product quality we offer to our customers. If we would not wear it, we will not stock it. We would rather have our customers happy with the quality, come back in the future and tell their friends rather than making a quick buck and lose customers for good. It just makes sense to offer quality over quantity...

What is lab made jewelry made from?

Our jewelry is made from a heavy alloy metal core or a real 925 Sterling Silver core for our high-end items. For the finish, we use either real 14K Gold, 18K Gold, or Rhodium that is electroplated to the jewelry core and provides a durable layer of protection and a mirror finish.

Our high grade stones are top-quality laboratory made non-carbon based diamond simulants that are produced with an equivalency of a real VS diamond, which are optically flawless to the average human eye. Our stones weigh almost the same amount as real diamonds and they are laser cut like real diamonds.


*We do not sell real earth mined diamonds or support the cruel Blood Diamond trade.

Will the stones pass a diamond tester?

No, ONLY earth mined diamonds and lab grown synthetic diamonds pass a current model diamond tester.

If you happen to see videos on the internet that show a positive reading on the diamond tester, make sure it is a current model tester with 2 digital display options/bars for Diamonds or Moissanite.  If the old model tester is used, Moissanite will pass as a real diamond but the thing is that jewelers do not use these old testers anymore. Also, Moissanite is 50% the cost of a real diamond and only comes in a few select colors.

*Some videos might also show a positive reading on old testers because the testers' sensitivity(volume) is turned up too high and it is not being used as instructed, which results in false-positives.


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